Singapore | Amazon Shopping

City of  Shopping  ; The perfect Portal to complete The Title  as Without  a Good protal for Online  Shiopping , we are far  from being  complete  as  Singapore  needs to be availble toffer both Offline and Online  24  hrs Shopping to be the real Asia  Metropolitan  city . In recent years , we  see the richness of Arts and New lifestyle coming to Singapore  bringing in New  vibrant  thats  will  blossom the city  to the Truly  Asia Icon  ,  and hopefully  with  Amazon , the country  is now  the first South east asia  country  , where  Aamzon include in the shipping list , meaning  now we can access to the World Biggest Online Shopping  mart ,  and shoppers  can  purchase  from here  products  that  they might  not  find in Singapore itself . The Agteway  is to the World of Awesome possibilities at AMAZON

If  users  are excited and ready to start the Amazon  shopping journey . There are several things that shoppers  need to know before they  can get the most out of online shopping. Find out how  it work to shop from Amazon and get your purchases shipped over to Singapore.

4th July AMAZON Promotion GALA 

These are the following  simple steps to get started with Amazon Singapore shopping.

Singapore | Amazon Shopping  Step  1: Credit Card

Credit cards a Plenty  in Singapore , Simple get ready  your  card , be mastercard , visa ,  American Express . The biggest Online store will be happy to accept

ASingapore | Amazon Shopping Step  2: Amazon Account

Setting up your Amazon account is free and easy. Click here to set up your account. It takes me less than 30 seconds to set up my account.   you can always entered your credit card every time you want to check out. I like to enter my detail once so that it will make my payment process easier. You can do this by going to “Your Account” -> “Add a Credit or Debit Card”.

Amazon Shopping Guide - Amazon Credit Card Form Page

After you are done adding your address and credit card details, you are ready to start your online shopping. Next  look for  latest discount at AMAZON  . Amazon  provide realtime  update to every few hours  to provide  new list of discount .  Be warned that online shopping can be addictive and with checkout being so easy, it is easy to forget how much money you’ve spent online. So, remember to monitor your credit card spending closely to avoid over spending.

Singapore | Amazon Shopping Step  3: Order Checkout

Be amazed as  Amazon has the most  massive collection of items. There are millions of items that sellers have put up for sale.  It is common  and  often when  one  run into needs for something that cannot be found  in any retail store in Singapore. . You will be  surprised  what AMAZOn  can offer , from antique , spares part , scientfic gadget , cooking  accessories ,toiletries ,health equipment  and thousand of many  others, Get the real experience  of  ONLINE  mega  shopping  , checkout  a list  you make up what you wish to buy since those years .

That  will be most fun , as it is like recollecting old memories , and check it out on amazon . Every time  you find  it amazing , as items of intertes will keep poping out as your journey starts . The next step after you’ve put all your awesome finding into the cart is to check out. The check out process consists of several phases.

First, after clicking on the ‘Proceed to Checkout’ button, you will need to select the address that you want your orders to be delivered to. You will see the page as shown below.

Amazon checkout - select shipping address

Click on the appropriate ‘Ship to this address’ button to select your shipping address. Take note that clicking the button is not the final confirmation of your purchase and the purchase will not be charged to your credit card yet. The next page after you select the shipping address is to select the shipping method.

Amazon checkout - select shipping method

In the example shown above, see how the items in my cart are divided into separate groups. The first group that appear on top are items that are fulfilled by Amazon. Following that are items that are fulfilled by individual sellers. Note the difference in terms of shipping time between Amazon-fulfilled items and the rest. Items that are fulfilled by Amazon are highly more likely to be get shipped at much shorter time. Amazon  usually ship within 24-hours after payment confirmation whereas items fulfilled by sellers themselves may take as long as 2 weeks in some cases.

After confirming your order, Amazon will  check  its inventory   to define stock availability and location and decide which fulfillment centers will ship out your items.

Once you’ve selected the shipping method for all your items, you can click on ‘Continue’ button found at the bottom of the page. Again, this is not the final button click to confirm your purchase. After clicking this button, you’ll be taken to the payment selection page as shown below.

Amazon checkout - payment selection

If you have entered your credit card details as I suggested earlier, you can simply select the credit card to make your final payment. You are only one step away to conclude your purchase. Click on the ‘Continue’ button to review your order for one last time before finally wrapping up the payment process.

From  there , Amazon  will send you a notification together with a tracking number once your order has been dispatched. With the tracking number, you can closely monitor the status of your package and where exactly is the latest location of your package.


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Taking the Necessary Step into Mobile marketing and Social Networking

We Now Live in a world that is always on the Go all thanks to the advent of new technologies which has equipped us with the ability to communicate from anywhere, anytime and anyplace.

There is no question that our World needs for Mobile Social and Location  integration is rapidly progressing   and is definitely asegmented niche that it is worthy of consideration for businesses  and marketers   as an fast expanding  entity with  far  increasingly globalized reach

The number of mobile  users continues to grow  and the mobile phone  is quickly  becoming the most essential  tool  for managing  your social profile .   It is estimated that by the year 2014, phone internet usage will surpass that of traditional desktops laptops,

As the  potential target consumer  market and customer base will be transitioning  to mobile platform for World Wide Web access, it has  also become   crucial for your businesses  to anticipate this  convergence of  technology  and build a mobile presence in order to  benefit  from its effectiveness  and  popularity

New Mobile Insights

Mobile Marketing  has  been  made popular  with featured cell   phone  since  early  year  2000  where  while  the  social networking services has recently rages on with more than 1.3 billion active  users of  Facebook ,  Weibo, Twitter and LinkedIn  combined.

Market insights of Mobile technology  taking on the   World   has started the transitioning  of major social networking  platform  to mobile  technology ,   that  even Facebook has gone mobile and most social media giants begin  to recognize and cater to  today ever-present reality  where  the  mobile  and  social media  technology  has embarked  on several types of   different platforms , ranging from the  SMS text technology  –  all the way to full- fledged mobile apps , mobile advertisement ,  mobile ready video and commercials

 infographic -mobile social synergy

The power of social mobile marketing lies in the fact that more and more people are accessing the internet through their cell phones rather than any other device. This is mainly due to the fact that cell phones have evolved tremendously and can be basically likened to small computers. In addition, more and more websites are adapting to this by making their content mobile-friendly.

To help you understand the big picture, here are a few interesting statistics

•More than 86% of Americans are cell phone owners.

•An average of 5 billion text messages per day, delivered.

•Giant corporations including but not limited to Ford, Pepsi, Starbucks and Burger King all have their mobile marketing campaigns.

•Visa and Paypal are expanding its E-wallet services and challenging rivals with their  new in-store payment system, as the company broadens  their services  to the retail stores industry also with mobile technology

• Mobile fundraising will be another new way of  giving donation

As you can see, cell phones are becoming increasingly important in people’s lives, and as it happens, they are an excellent way to reach out to a enormous number of people.

They open your brand and business to a whole new and unexploited market which is only waiting to be tapped into, and that’s precisely what most people are going to do in the near future. If what you are looking to do is increase your brand’s exposure and have the opportunity to market yourself to millions of new potential customers, then you should get into Mobile Social Media  marketing straight away; a market stays untapped for only so long.

Today’s Mobile Marketing Trends 

The mobile social media outlook is positive.

With prediction that there is a high possibility that the rate of Mobileovertaking traditional PC Internet access in the next few years.Simple math tells marketers that abundant of opportunities exist within all this Go Mobile technology to present media ads to the right audience at the right  time

Besides the cost of telcos mobile plan, virtually everyone will have access to almost free text messaging capabilities from newer application  like  – Whatapps  and   many other new mobile marketing  trends   with use of  devices like  the  smartphones  and PC tablet  introducing new application ,  like  the  Mobile apps, LBS  and QR codes  therefore  boosting  the industry with multiple benefits  as such they serve  more than  just mobile customer but  also provide new marketing element for brands and retailing  business  to interact  with customers  to  increase their businesses  both in exposure and profits


Social networking with mobile application  will continue to be one of the demands that mobile consumers are seeking to accommodate ,their easy access to friends in  additions to status updates , watching  video  or TV programmes, online shopping and tweets,  will all   plays an important roles in part of their daily  chores .  Among all,social gaming is anotherinteresting  aspectof mobile marketing   which  has taken flight, as proven by the global phenomenon of top  games application ,like the  Angry Birds  Game. Online app stores  has since been enjoying billions of online sales  just from  mobile games download alone

Furthermore, more  location-based  services (LBS )  platform are being introduced  and  marketing campaigns using  both  mobile coupons  and QR codes  will be easier  implemented , translating into more  venue search traffic for retails  and  shop  establishments

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London 2012: The Official Video Game of the Olympic Games – Ltd Edition Steelbook, gift with purchase (Xbox 360)

The Olympic Games are responsible for some of the most memorable scenes in sporting history.

It’s the global stage where dreams are realised, heroes are made, and moments that will be remembered for years happen right before your eyes. Now you too can create your own moments with London 2012 – The Official Video Game of the Olympic Games.

Youth Olympic Video Games


With new sports, new events and new gameplay modes, London 2012 brings the worlds ultimate sporting event to life bigger and better than ever before. Take to the track, negotiate the Velodrome and dive into the deep end in stunning HD while you compete for the pride of your nation. Hone your skills in the Olympic Games mode, and play with or against your friends and family in a variety of multiplayer modes. Create your own golden moments, only with London 2012 – The Official Video Game of the Olympic Games.


  • Go for Gold: Compete in over 45 events, including all the blue ribbon events plus some all-new events to Olympic video games offering the ultimate depth and variety (Includes Motion Control and Party Play events)
  • More ways to play: Compete in a wide range of challenges and game modes including Olympic Games, Events Mode, Online Mode and Party Play
  • Feel the Burn: For the first time ever in an Olympic Games video game, play using Motion Control with a dozen different events enabled for PlayStation Move and Kinect for Xbox 360



Youth Inspiration London 2012 Olympic


  • Compete for Global Glory: Take the competition online with leader boards tracking personal medal counts, and earn National Pride points with each medal you win for your country – keep playing and improve your nations standing!
  • The Ultimate Olympic Games Experience: Get closer than ever to the experience of the Olympic Games with reactive commentary, super-realistic graphics and TV style presentation


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The Making of an Olympic Athlete for the London 2012 Olympics

What Makes an Olympic Athlete to Participate at the london olympic 2012

As the 2012  london  Olympics draw closer, the spotlight falls on the athletes who will be competing on the sports world’s biggest stage .  While we all watch in awe as these athletes ply their trades and do things that most of us can only dream of, it’s important to remember the dedication and determination involved in becoming an Olympic level athlete.  You will only be even more impressed by these great individuals when you come to understand what it takes for them to reach the Olympic Games.
Youth Inspiration Olympic London 2012


What Makes an Olympic Athlete to Participate at the London Olympics
One important thing to keep in mind is that no one just becomes an athlete  at the  london olympic 2012 .  You can’t simply make it to the highest level of competition on natural talent alone.  Every last athlete competing in each edition of the Olympics is successful based upon not only natural talent and ability, but years of hard work, preparation and planning.  Since the Olympics only come every four years, athletes will have to train for several years just to get one opportunity to be the best in the world at their sport of choice. 
If you think about it, that’s an incredible amount of sacrifice with no guaranteed reward at the end.  An injury, a poor performance that keeps an athlete from qualifying for the Olympics, or any other number of things can happen that will render an athlete’s years of hard work and dedication effectively useless.  Imagine dedicating your entire life to one goal, only to know that a single slip-up, mishap, or poor performance could erase all that you have worked for!  This is the kind of pressure that Olympic level athletes must live with.
Although some Olympic athletes, such as basketball players, are professionals, most are not.  This means that many Olympic athletes are students or must maintain jobs while training full-time to be the best in the world.  It would not be possible, especially with the requirements of today’s top athletes, if it weren’t for sponsors.  Most athletes rely on sponsors to help pay for strength and conditioning coaches and other needs, as well as to help pay for living expenses so that they can focus solely on their training.
Depending on the sport that the athlete participates in, they may have a very different background in their sport.  As mentioned earlier, many Olympic basketball players are professional athletes, while top gymnasts are amateurs who are sometimes barely teenagers!  Olympic athletes come in all ages, shapes and sizes, and from all different kinds of backgrounds.  Some athletes are college competitors, and others are athletes who sharpened their skills on the college stage and have continued to train for a chance at Olympic greatness, deferring the start of their careers and families in the process.
While the demands and risks that are imposed upon athletes who dream to be in the Olympic Games are great, for these men and women, the potential rewards are well worth it.  It takes a special person to dedicate themselves so completely to a singular goal, and even though many of us would love nothing more than to be given an Olympic gold medal, only a select few are willing to truly dedicate themselves to accomplishing the task.
Why is it that some athletes are able to devote themselves to the pursuit of Olympic excellence, while others can not?  Perhaps Olympic athletes are simply more competitive, and their drive helps separate them from other top athletes.  After all, at the highest levels of sport, the difference between a gold medal winner and a non-Olympic qualifier can be as simple as who wants to win more.  One thing is for sure, though: Olympic athletes are a very special breed of individual.  Although Olympic athletes are known and revered mostly for what their bodies can do, the best of them know that the work all begins in their minds and hearts.
The Olympic Games are responsible for some of the most memorable scenes in sporting history.
It’s the global stage where dreams are realised, heroes are made, and moments that will be remembered for years happen right before your eyes. Now you too can create your own moments with London 2012 – The Official Video Game of the Olympic Games.
With new sports, new events and new gameplay modes, London 2012 brings the worlds ultimate sporting event to life bigger and better than ever before. Take to the track, negotiate the Velodrome and dive into the deep end in stunning HD while you compete for the pride of your nation. 
Hone your skills in the london olympic 2012 , and play with or against your friends and family in a variety of multiplayer modes. Create your own golden moments, only with London 2012 – The Official Video Game of the Olympic Games.


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Will Rovio’s New Game – Amazing Alex Hit Top Download Charts Again


Angry Birds Maker’s “Amazing Alex ”Hit No. 1 Game Again

Amazing Alex Premium 

Rovio is an entertainment media company based in Finland, and the creator of the globally successful Angry Birds franchise. Rovio was founded in 2003 as a mobile game development studio, and the company has developed several award-winning titles for various mobile platforms.


In 2009, Rovio released Angry Birds, a casual puzzle game for touchscreen smartphones that became a worldwide phenomenon from 2010 onwards. The Angry Birds games have enjoyed continuing worldwide chart success, and the franchise has since expanded to a variety of new business areas. Rovio is rapidly expanding its activities in broadcast media, merchandising, publishing and services.


Now Again They Released a New  Game  ,and it  prove that the Finnish Startup is More than A –  One – Hit  Wonder 


Rovio’s new puzzle game,   called  the  Amazing Alex” has recently  launched  with Very Much    Hit a  Hit  Success  ,hitting   the No. 1 Paid app on the key United States App store on Thursdays shortly after its launch, Amazing Alex is a physics – based game featuring challenges that curious boy Alex has to solve.

  ‘’ Amazing Alex ”  Reached the No. 1 position in the Phones paid App Chart in eight hours, said analyst  and  is the  fastest to hit the No . 1 Position 


The features of the games incude :-



Set the objects up to bounce, pop, ricochet, bash, and crash into each other and create an elaborate Rube Goldberg device! With a houseful of toys to play with, there’s more than one right answer! Share your most creative solutions with your friends and see what they came up with!

Got a great idea for a level? Design intriguing new levels using 35 interactive objects and share them — with friends or with the whole world! With other fans constantly creating and uploading new levels, there are always new challenges to check out!



      100 amazing levels to test your creativity

      Regular free updates with new levels

      Create your own levels and share them with friends or with the whole world

      Amazingly social — share your levels with friends and see theirs

      35 fully interactive objects and four fun locations

      Download and play the best fan-created levels from around the world

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Auto Facebook Marketer is a True Time Saver to Building Good Leads on Facebook

Here the Best News for all Marketers –  Auto Facebook Marketer
Auto Facebook Marketer  is by far one of the most powerful, affordable  and feature  packed Social Networking  Automation tool on the market  today . Facebook  has  taken Whole  world by storm and is presently  the leading Social Networking  site  where  every product  will  want to be part of the platform  where  there are over more than 700 Million  active users   , a  stunning  mega  platform where  millions of  people are engaging  every hours and reaching out  to  them will be every Marketer’s dream .
Be it a  Newbie or  any Experienced internet marketers ,  Everyone  are all now using Facebook to accelerate their business, on a daily basis, and many  are benefiting  from their  manual efforts  bringing   in  Good profit numbers
Social  networking  traffic is one of the best and most viral types of traffic, and  to succeed in Facebook  marketing  is the ulterior  motive of all marketers   
Any Marketers  who  are not leveraging  and  harnessing  on the  media  power of Facebook Marketing, are simply not appreciating  the power of  digital media  technology in total , even  though  it incurred  reasonably  lower  cost compared  to  traditional marketing   except  to do conventional  facebook marketing   , it  is time consuming and is  taking  tedious effort   .
Auto Facebook Marketer 
The Conventional  Method has been tedious   but yet  it  has  proven  the  effectiveness  and Importance of Facebook Marketing by all marketers  especially  for  the following   cause ;
– Searching for people who could be potentially interested in your niche and becoming “friends” with them.
– Posting Status Updates about your business to gain exposure and get more traffic.
– Sending messages or posting on your friends’ walls, about your business, to get viral traffic to your links.
– Joining as many Groups as you can that are related to your niche.
– Creating your own Facebook Pages related to your niche and marketing to it.
– Posting messages and joining discussions on these Groups and Pages to get more traffic and exposure.
and all the  above   require  and involve consistently  and  personal engagement  with  the platform to build your business .
Which  usually   is TIME CONSUMING and tedious. !
What if I told you that there is way that ALL THE ABOVE can be done FOR YOU on autopilot while you are busy with other more exciting things or even sleeping?
Well, NOW, there is!
Introducing: Auto Facebook Marketer
 An all-in-one Auto Facebook Marketing software solution for  all Marketer , that can quickly and easily benefit your business for increased profits.
Yes, the  Autopilot  Facebook  Marketing software   is a wonderful   tool that has the ability   to  market and promote your business, websites, products and offers HANDS FREE! All On Facebook  .!
With   Auto Facebook  Marketer , marketers do not  need to worry about the conventional  manual method . After your campaign is set up  , simply press a few buttons and sit back and watch as the software keeps on doing all your marketing tasks on Facebook all – on- autopilot.
You can set it and forget it and go sleep while the software generates you leads and cash day in and day out.
First let me tell you what Auto Facebook Marketer will do for you:
– Search for recent status posts of ALL Facebook users for specific keywords or phrases and captures their IDs to a file
– Uses that list of IDs to message them directly with a spinnable text
– Using that same list of IDs, Auto Facebook Marketer adds those users as friends automatically so you have a targeted list of friends you can market to
– Searches and automatically joins groups related to any specific keyword, phrase, country, city, etc
– Searches and automatically Likes pages related to any specific keyword, phrase, country, city, etc
– Searches and automatically Friends people related to any specific keyword, phrase, country, city, etc
– Automatically posts any message (can use spintax) to all groups you belong to
– Automatically posts any message (can use spintax) to your Facebook pages
– Automatically posts any message (can use spintax) to your friend’s walls
– Can use Proxies
– Can set time delays to appear more natural and not be flagged by Facebook
– Can also be used in Manual mode
 In just two clicks, users  can target all the people on Facebook interested in your topic area and preset  the  software to message or engage  to make friends ,each with other user  while you sit and wait. You can even set it up so that you post automatically to pages, groups and walls of friends.
 let the  Auto Facebook  marketer software  handles the marketing effort  and improve  your marketing agenda  to success by building contacts and targeted prospects in an automated way. Being a True  time saver ,It will  runs endlessly building good  qualified Goods   Leads to realize  Bigger Profits to your business , and  meantime relive  your time to expand  more other   revenue streams
Auto Facebook Marketer is like having your very own personal slave robot that relentlessly markets your site or products on Facebook, gaining YOU huge exposure while building YOU laser targeted leads lists and driving floods of viral traffic and earning YOU cold, hard CASH, all on AUTOPILOT.
If you are looking for a quicker, easier and more effective way to market your business on Facebook, you will not find a better product to help you accomplish that than Auto Facebook Marketer.
Get your hands on Auto Facebook Marketer here!
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GSA SEO Automation software Build Links Automatically to Promote Your Business any Market in the World

GSA Search Engine Ranker with SEO tools to Market your Business Anywhere in the World

GSA Search Engine  Ranking software is meant for used in various countries worldwide for a reason the software lets you work with keywords, websites and web pages in many languages helping user to promote your business in any market around the world. The SEO software has the added ability to scrape from over 585 search engines which gives the software a huge advantage when trying to find links targets.



User who owns websites that are based in a foreign language will find that GSA allows full character encoding support which confirms user can submit articles and build anchor text links in other languages other than English and also select respective different countries search engine for direct campaign marketing in different countries .

We call this GSA International Search ranking and with the Character encoding tools., GSA support all major world languages enabling USER to leverage the marketing power of search in any country. It is also therefore the Most effective SEO Automation software at an affordable prices on a global scale that can help marketer of different countries to Promote their website in many local and regional search engines worldwide , It is able to harvest collected keywords in many language and even optimize web pages with target keyword in Most language Worldwide .



With these features, marketers will have further confidence to expand their businesses and reach out into the biggest Internet markets like Germany, China , Poland and numerous Spanish, French and Dutch-speaking countries. Spread out your wings to the global geography of your product and services to gain extra exposure and new leads on a Global International  basis


The GSA Search Engine Ranker is Exclusively a Multi-tier User Friendly and powerful fully automated link building software that has the ability to manage Blog comment and build links of unlimited amount of websites – All simultaneously at the Same Time


With GSA Search Engine Ranking software ,user will never need to worry about tedious ways of manually building backlinks after . This International web ranking software will run endlessly, building links for user for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days with absolutely no interaction by the users


100%Automated  Search Engine Optimization


The GSA SER software is a perfect tool for both inexperienced and experienced webmasters who want to increase their own websites’ rankings and keep track of their optimization activities with data from the software all available to in simple stats reports.

After setting up with a campaign exercise , GSA will handles all the link building process and runs endlessly building hundreds or thousands of backlinks per days, making sure your purchase is worthy of its application “Imagine No Need – Nor any requirement “ for hiring an expensive SEO agent or engaged a service who charge your operation with hefty cost , So Why not leave it to , GSA Search Engine Ranker software to take care of all your SEO project for you.


Build Links via Multi Platform


Nowadays there are many SEO software to assist in the daily Search Engine Optimization effort , but many users have never been satisfied enough with a tool to keep on using it on a daily basis . but here  we proudly recommend the GSA to all people out there working with search engine optimization. Whether you are a beginner or experienced in the SEO business, the tools in GSA are totally  effective  and  are worthy in its application .


GSA can build links to more platforms then any other software out there today, This confirmed GSA, its  Unique ability to create a massive and diverse link profile for hundreds of different platforms with new ones being added at various stages of updates .

Do You like to use your very  own Approved  high quality links lists? With GSA’s import feature users can also import their own link lists and GSA will automatically detect the platforms and begin to explore with access  to  building links  direct from your imported  list


Automatic link indexing with Captcha and Builtin Spinner Option


While other SEO Software may offer ‘’pinging ’’ your links in hopes that they get crawled and indexed by the Search Engine, GSA Search Engine Ranking software provide full option for integrating with the most popular link indexing platforms like GSA Indexer, Lindexed, Linklicious, Nuclear Link Crawler ,Nuclear Link indexer & . It also comes with a Built in Spinner with The Best Spinner and Spinner chief ‘s support and when comes to Captcha solving features ,it offers its Math Captcha solver and is also able to solve 1500 other Captcha questions with it own solving engine . User whom already owns an account with other third party Captcha services will find that GSA Integrates with most of the popular captcha solving services including, decaptcher, deathbycaptcha, bypasscaptcha, image typez, captcha sniper & captcha infinity ,and more …


GSA is Multi-threaded and is  fully adjustable so user can adjusting their speed in building ranks while their PC maybe working on Multi tasking operation , and such fine tuning are able to support full spintax in almost all fields of the application allowing users to keep their link profile unique satisfying most search engines avoiding being sandboxed .


Automatic backlinking Process


It is true that most of competitors software can only post links to platforms that require no registration, but GSA Has no Limitations with such features and manage all account registration and email confirmation in the background by the software on a 100% complete autopilot basis . Equipped with adjustable filters it also allow users to choose the quality of your backlinks by using adjustable filters. Therefore GSA SER software will automatically seek out and build backlinks to the exact same targets where your competitors would have left off and this is a great way to get a winning edge over your competition.


With GSA’s built in public proxy scarper , it can automatically locate , test and verify good proxies for you while its building links, this way you will never have to stop and fiddle with proxies while running your campaigns

GSA Search Engine Ranker Download


Why you Download GSA Search Engine Ranker


With GSA Search Engine Ranker you will never have to worry about backlinks again. This software can run automatic and create back links for you 365 days a year. It will find new websites automatic for you and submit your site to them without asking for your input,you don’t need collect the website to submit again.


It will also verify the backlinks, making sure that the link was really alive. After a while you will see all the created back links with all attributes,e.g. the anchor text, number of outgoing links, and type of backlink.

GSA Search Engine Ranker Download 

File size:14.60MB 

Price:Free to try; $99.00

Operating system:Windows NT/98/Me/2000/XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7


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